Новинки ирисов в 2000-2004 годах          стр.1

Гибридизаторы - Хагер, Эрнст, Джонсон - 2000 г

Cherished Friendship(Hager '00)

Dolly Dancer(Ernst '00)

Envy of Dresden(Ernst'00)

Ebony Angel(Johnson '00)

Favoriete Pastime(Ernst'00)

Fire Bride(Ernst'00)

Impeccable Taste(Ernst'00)

Good Day Oregon(Ernst'00)

Grand Metallic(Ernst'00)

Kim's Melody(Ernst'00)

Lacy Day (Hager'00)

McKellor's Grove (Ernst'00)

My Forte (Ernst'00)

Palase of Thoughts (Ernst'00)

Ring Around Rosie (Ernst'00)

World Without End(Hager'00)

Scarlet O'Harlett(Ernst'00)

Solemn Promis(Ernst'00)

Sotto Voce(Hager'00)

Working Too Hard(Hager'00)

Гибридизаторы - Хагер, Эрнст, Джонсон - 2001 г

Сhild of Royalty(Ernst'01)

Dandy Candy(Ernst'01)

Heavenly Encore(Johnson'01)

Good Thing(Ernst'01)

Ethereal Voices(Hager'01)

Fall Rerum(Hager'01)

Passing Clouds(Hager'01)

Peppermint Cream(Ernst'01)

Pleasant Surprise(Hager'01)


She's All That(Ernst'01)


Song of Hearts(Ernst'01)

Tiffany's Prayer(Ernst'01)

Whispering Spirits(Ernst'01)

Royal Courtship(Hager'01)

Glowing Smile(Hager'01)

Spouting Horn(Johnson'01)

Uncharted Waters(Johnson'01)

Гибридизаторы - Хагер, Эрнст, Джонсон - 2002 г

Сarnival Ride (Ernst'02)

My Old Friend(Hager'02)

Play To Win(Hager'02)

White - Cap-
ped  Waves (Ernst'02)

Dark Heart(Ernst'02)

Amarillo Frills (Hager'02)

Shimmering Mid Night(Johnson'02)

Simply Delicious(Hager'02)

Hot Property (Hager'02)

Passion For Pink(Ernst'02)

Song Writter (Hager'02)

Dreamcake (Ernst'02)

Nashville Hit (Ernst'02)

Nicer Than Nice (Ernst'02)

Taught By Masters (Ernst"02)

Western Tradition (Нager'02)

Гибридизаторы - Хагер, Эрнст, Джонсон - 2003 г

Bold Expression(Ernst'03)

Carry Me Away(Hager'03)

Champagne Time(Ernst'03)

Diamond Ring (Ernst'03)


Fountain Of Youth (Hager'03)

It's All Good (Ernst'03)

Ladies Only(Ernst'03)

Liberty Song (Johnson'03)

Pink Pincurls (Hager'03)

Posh Place (Hager'03)

Prowess (Johnson'03)

Schizo (Ernst'03)

Speaking Freely (Hager'03)

Thar She Blue (Ernst'03)

Windjammer Seas (Johnson'03)

Гибридизаторы - Хагер, Эрнст, Джонсон - 2004 г

Bal Of Confusion(Ernst'04)

Liberal Bias(Hager'04)

Serious Notion(Ernst'04)

Time Warp (Ernst'04)

Consevative View(Ernst'04)

Life Story (Hager'04)


Vivid Look(Hager'04)

Granddaugh - ter's Grin (Hager'04)

Like The Wind(Ernst'04)

Tamara Kay (Hager'04)

Course of Study (Ernst'04)

Undivided Attention (Ernst'04)

Play A Time (Ernst'04)

Ritzy (Hager'04)

Say Goodbye (Hager'04)

Solo Flight (Johnson'04)

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